Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma - 4 Nov 2014
Mrs. Rezan Kader held a hearing in the Extraordinary Commission for the protection and promotion of human rights in the Senate of the Republic

Today, the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy held a hearing at the Extraordinary Commission for the protection and promotion of human rights in the Senate, presided over by President Luigi Manconi.

The hearing was open not only to the Human Rights Commission as well as the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. Among the authorities present at the hearing, worthy of note: the Vice-President of the Senate, Valeria Fedeli, Quaestor Senator Lucio Malan, and many other senators representing different Italian political parties.

President Manconi opened the hearing by welcoming Mrs. Kader, with which there is a longstanding friendship, because of the constant defense of the rights of Kurdish people. The interest in the Kurdish cause is going back in time and now even more so in the light of recent events. In the hope that this dramatic new page in the history of the Kurdish people lead to make progress towards the solution of this matter, the President left the floor to Mrs. Kader.

The High Representative, after having made mention of the well-known genocide of the Kurdish people in 1988, presented to the senators of the current situation in the Kurdistan region, providing dramatic data on violences perpetrated by terrorists of ISIS and the situation of refugees and their growing needs. She urged the senators to put pressure on the Italian institutions, civil society and the media on a number of priorities: the political and legal recognition of the Kurdish genocide of 1988, like other European and non European governments; the recognition of the ongoing genocide; providing more humanitarian aid and military assistance, Italian support in the campaign to collect funds for the emergency in Kurdistan and the recognition of the Representation of Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy as diplomatic office in order to strengthen bilateral relations between Italy and the Kurdistan Region and to establish direct relationships between our mutual governments.

The President Manconi thanked Mrs. Kader for the comprehensive report and for pointing out the important task that must be the subject of close attention by the Italian government, by starting from the last point above, namely the recognition of the diplomatic status to the KRG Office in Italy. The President Manconi then left room for questions from senators.

Senator Riccardo Mazzoni showed his gratitude to the Kurdish people who are defending not only their territory but the whole humanity facing the threat of ISIS. In addition, the Kurdish people has always been a symbol of high civilization over the centuries despite the injustices suffered and never claimed independence, which should rightfully obtain in the near future and always respected the Iraqi constitution. As a result, the Senator would like that Kurdistan Region become a strong state, bulwark against the extremism in the Middle East. Italy is doing its part but it is necessary to do more, first of all to recognize the diplomatic status of the representation of the KRG in Italy, secondly in the development of a parliamentary association Italy – Kurdistan in order to intensify relations between the countries and supports the Kurdish Government in the campaign to collect funds for the Emergency in Kurdistan and to follow up with additional requests made by Mrs. Kader. Finally, he called on the government to push for the PKK, which is fighting alongside the Peshmerga against terrorists of ISIS, is deleted from the list of terrorist organizations. She asked Mrs. Kader, because of the embarrassing behavior of Turkey, to outline how Europe can support the KRG in resolving this dispute between the Turkish government and the PKK.
Senator Elena Ferrara showed his embarrassment to the uncooperative attitude and indifference of the Turkish Government, already stressed by Sen. Mazzoni and called Mrs. Kader to indicate the basic needs for the children in order to guarantee them further education and the schools in a suitable environment.

Senator Lucio Malan  has asked Mrs. Kader to clarify the situation on the delivery of humanitarian aid and military support prepared from Italy to the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Finally Senator Ivana Simeoni has proposed to submit to the next inter - parliamentary Conference of defense and foreign committees, which will be chaired by the President  of the Senate Piero Grasso and President of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini, the points indicated by the High Representative.

Mrs. Kader responded to questions from the senators, thanking them primarily for their solidarity and for the proposals indicated, pointing out that President Barzani is trying to resolve peacefully and personally the dispute between the PKK and Turkey, which recently opened the borders to allow the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Peshmerga and thus proving more cooperative in this dramatic situation.

Finally, the President Manconi thanked Mrs. Kader, promising her a concrete commitment to the public and political recognition of the Kurdish genocide, that qualifies itself as a matter of law and ethics fundamental and essential value for those who have suffered it.
The President Manconi and Mrs. Kader have also given an interview to the television Rudaw on the issues discussed at the hearing.