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Kurdistan Regional Government

Kurdistan Regional Government

The Kurdistan Region is a federated region in Iraq. Its main institutions are the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Kurdistan Region Presidency, and the Kurdistan Parliament. As stipulated in Iraq’s federal constitution, Kurdistan’s institutions exercise legislative and executive authority in many areas, including allocating the Regional budget, police and security, education and health policies, natural resource management and infrastructural development.  The Kurdistan Regional Government also works together with the federal Iraqi government to ensure the application of the Iraqi Constitution, and to cooperate with the federal government on other areas which concern all regions of Iraq.

Kurdistan Regional Government
The democratically elected Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) exercises executive power according to the Kurdistan Region’s laws, as enacted by the Kurdistan Parliament.
The current government, led by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. His Deputy is Mr Qubad Jalal Talabani. 
The Kurdistan Regional Government’s eighth cabinet is a government of national unity. All of the major political parties have joined the broad-based coalition, which is designed to reflect the rich political diversity of the Kurdistan Region and to represent and serve the public.
The political, economic, and cultural views of the many parties participating in the government are expected to generate new ideas and healthy domestic debate. At the same time, the cabinet will speak with one voice on issues of strategic concern for the KRG, such as relations with Baghdad and the international community.
This is a time of great historical significance for the people of Kurdistan, and the national unity government is prepared to meet any challenges that lie ahead and to deliver for its citizens.
The KRG is based in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, and it currently administers the governorates of Erbil, Suleimaniah and Duhok.